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Parking Induction IC Card
May 16, 2018

The parking IC card is a common card for the modern parking lot vehicle charge. The parking IC card configuration system is a combination of mechanical, electronic computers, and automatic control devices and smart IC card technology. Through computer management, vehicle image comparison can be achieved, and automatic charging. Automatic storage of data and other functions, and the parking management system can be run offline, in the event of a computer failure can still ensure the normal access of vehicles, is an ideal facility for modern residential property management. He uses a smart card IC card or ID card (the new technology has a two-card compatible parking lot) as a carrier to enable the smart card to record the relevant information of the vehicle and the cardholder through the smart device, and calculate, transmit and pass the information. Character display, voice broadcast, and other human-machine interfaces are converted into signals that can be identified and judged by humans, thereby realizing time-based charging, vehicle management, and other purposes.