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RFID Clothing Tags Simplify Laundry Procedure
Aug 29, 2018

HSY, a leading producer of RFID tags and RFID Readers, has recently launched RFID Clothing tag for laundry and linen management.This Clothing tag with robust material,can operate stably in the harsh environments.

RFID Clothing tag for laundry

This RFID Clothing tag can be read accuracy under harsh laundry conditions.Constructed from PPS and Epoxy material,it can withstand high temperature,as well as corrosion.It can normally operate between -20 and +110 degree for 500hours.

Using the anti-collision protocol,this RFID Clothing tag attach to clothing can be accurately read even when garments are stacked in piles.It reduces the time of clothing classification and simplifies laundry procedure.

This affordable RFID Clothing tag can be reusable after high temperature sterilization.With a thin thickness,operating in 125KHz and 13.56MHz,this RFID Clothing tag is ideal for the clothing logistics and laundry industry.