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Customized RFID Key Fobs Color, Model, Style And Chip
Aug 22, 2018

RFID key fob is a card we commonly used, most we all take it as an access card. RFID key fob can be made into a lot of different colors, models, styles and different chip types.


First, color. RFID key fob can be printed in many different colors. Such as blue, green, red, yellow, black, gray, orange and other colors. Can be customized according to the customer.

Second, model. Now HSY RFID key fob models are: No. 1-18 these models. Specific reference to our website products. If you want to customize the other models RFID key fob, we can also customize for you.

Third, style. Our common styles are round, long, oval.

Fourth, the type of chip. Can package the chip types are: low frequency, high frequency, UHF.