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RFID Low Cost Key Fob ABS001 For Access Control Targets
Aug 28, 2018


Incredibly easy to install and use, RFID key fob integrated into the electronic system can unlock your door with a single click. It is ideal for access control such as in offices, shared residences, shops: in fact, anywhere that your security is important.

RFID Low cost Key Fob - 01

The access control RFID key fob -01 has a protective overlay layer made from ABS named engineering plastic, which allows the tag to support the physical conditions in harsh environments, and to resist against abrasion, impact and corrosion.

The RFID key fob are available in 3.5cm*2.8cm. This includes customized silkscreen printing, IC encoding and serial number printing. You can easily put your company logo , your customer name or a serial number on it.

The tags are available with the most common low frequency (125 kHz) ICs including the EM4100, Hitag-1, Hitag- 2, Hitag-S, TK4100 .They are also available with HF (13.56MHz)ICs, including Mifare-One S50, Mifare-One S70, I-CODE, Ti 256, INSIDE 2K.