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Standards Of Medical RFID Disposable PVC Wristband
Aug 03, 2018

RFID disposable PVC Wristband.jpg

1, Purpose and terms

Patient identification wristband: this is a kind of wristband that patients wear on their wrists, it carries the important information of the patient, and can not be taken off or changed. It makes sure that hospital staff can identify the patient quickly and correctly, and secures the uniqueness and accuracy of the identify object.

2, Quality standards of medical wristband

a, uniqueness—— this kind of wristband is not stretchable, one time use, exchange or removal is avoided.

b, durability —— printing on the wristband can not be washed away of erased, it can stay clear in a long time.

C, safety—— material of the wristband feels comfortable, and is friendly to environment and the skin of patients.