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The Choice Of RFID Reader
May 16, 2018

1. Know which frequency is suitable for our product

Different frequencies have different characteristics, so their use is also very diverse. For example, low-frequency tags are cheaper than UHF tags, save energy, and penetrate scrap metal objects. They are most suitable for objects with high water content, For example, fruit. UHF has a wide range of applications and the speed of data transmission, but they are more energy-consuming, have weaker penetrating power, and do not have too much interference in the work area. They are suitable for monitoring the goods shipped from the seaport to the warehouse. When making a choice, it is advisable to consult the relevant experts and suppliers to select the correct radio frequency.

2, choose the most suitable RFID reader

Like readers and readers, the type and quantity of use must be determined by studying the supply method. For example, the requirement is to manage the inventory in and out of the warehouse. The reader can be installed on the door of the dock cargo in and out, if the request is managed to a specific customer The product, the reader should not only be mounted on the door, it should also be loaded on the truck, if the requirements are to control the retail shelves, fixed or handheld devices can be used to facilitate automatic outbound record and count.