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The Hygienic RFID Tag For Livestock Tracking On Large Animal
Aug 30, 2018

A recent report on RFID-enabled livestock tracking released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture emphasized the importance of preventing infection when tracking systems using ear tags are deployed. Thus, Card Cube Group has recently unveiled a series of hygienic RFID Tags for prevention of any form of infection to livestock being tagged.

The hygienic RFID Tag for livestock tracking on large animal

Constructed from polyurethane, these RFID Animal ear tags can reduce the chance of animal infection while deploying the RFID livestock tracking program. Because it is not easy for bacteria to grow on the polyurethane material.

These LF 134.2KHz RFID Animal ear tags are suitable for livestock tracking on large animal, just like cattle, pigs and sheep. The Animal tags are passive components (i.e. no battery) and worn as ear tags.

These passive RFID ear tags are conducive for tracking of livestock and ensures fully automated livestock management in processes such as disease management, feeding, breeding practices and immunity. And LF 134.2kHz technology is proven to be the most effective technology for livestock identification.