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UHF Passive RFID Inlay Tags- Used Triumphantly In Apparel Industry
Jul 18, 2018

UHF passive RFID inlay tags have improved working efficiency greatly in RFID applications and expand the usage to RFID apparel industries.HSY is the leading RFID company who is committed to manufacturing RFID products and providing RFID solutions to RFID applications, has released UHF passive inlay tags for accelerating clothing inventory and booming the retail business. With professional design, the UHF passive RFID inlay tags for clothing management become the advanced products to help the operation of RFID clothing management system and make the supply chain smooth.

UHF Passive RFID Inlay Tags- Used Triumphantly in Apparel Industry

Operating from 860 to 960MHz, the UHF passive RFID inlay tags designed for clothing management can track the inventory and simplify the traditional manual operation. Specifically, developed for tracking linens, uniforms and other textile products, the UHF passive RFID inlay tags utilize RFID technology to deliver the flexible read range and high data transfer rates for RFID clothing inventory. By a RFID handheld reader and relevant RFID clothing management software, people can find out where the particular tagging articles are in the store or the warehouse in a few seconds. And the situation of intension in garment tracking has been eliminated via the intelligent UHF passive RFID inlay tags, which reduces the error or reiteration information and the incidence of employee theft due to lack of transparency. Moreover, these series of UHF passive RFID inlay tags attached to each garment contain a unique identification to provide real-time information and facilitate batch reading in handheld process. Compared with traditional garment management modes, the solution using UHF passive RFID inlay tags is pretty automatic and specialized.

UHF passive clothing RFID inlay tags

In virtue of long-time data maintenance, UHF passive clothing RFID inlay tags from HSY are pretty durable in clothing inventory control. Besides, on account of these highly innovative UHF passive RFID inlay tags, RFID clothing retailers can save lots of costs and time. In the other words, combining RFID technology into the RFID apparel industries, many clothing retailers benefit greatly from efficient inventory tracking and gain big profits in clothing sales. Also, these advanced UHF passive inlay tags have been utilized triumphantly in vehicle management, animal tracking, laundry management, asset tracking, etc.