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What Frequency Is Right For Me?
Jan 16, 2019

RFID cards and key tags come in three frequencies: low frequency, high frequency, and ultra-high frequency. The main differences have to do with the reading distance between the reader and the card or key tag.

Technology options:

  • Low Frequency (LF) – 125 kHz

    • Also known as: Prox, HID, Clamshell

    • Read range: 1”-2”cm 

  • High Frequency (HF) – 13.56 MHz

    • Also known as: MiFare, i-Class, NFC

    • Reader range: 2”– 5”cm

  • Ultra High Frequency (UHF) – 900 MHz

    • Read range: 2” to 30’cm

When looking for cards you should start with the specification of the reader that the cards or key tags will work with. If you have the flexibility to choose a reader then you can select the card and reader frequency that is right for your environment.