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What Is Fingerprint Recognition Technology?
Jan 25, 2019

1. what is fingerprint recognition technology
Each person's skin pattern, including fingerprints, varies in patterns, breakpoints, and intersections, rendering uniqueness and unchanging throughout life. On this basis, we can match a person to his fingerprint, by comparing his fingerprints with pre-saved fingerprint data, you can verify its true identity, which is fingerprint recognition technology.
Fingerprint recognition is mainly based on human fingerprint pattern, detail characteristics and other information on the operation or operator identification, thanks to modern electronic integrated manufacturing technology and fast and reliable algorithm research, has begun to enter our daily life, has become the most in-depth research in biological testing, the most widely used, the development of the most mature technology.

2. what is the principle of fingerprint recognition technology
Fingerprints are actually more complicated. Unlike manual processing, many biometric technology companies do not store fingerprint images directly. Over the years, many digital algorithms have been generated in companies and their research institutions (the United States law considers fingerprint images to be personal and therefore cannot be stored directly). But the fingerprint recognition algorithm finally comes down to the characteristics of finding and fingerprint on fingerprint image.
fingerprint recognition
Unlike manual processing, the general biometric technology company does not store fingerprint images directly, but uses different digital algorithms to find and compare fingerprint features on fingerprint images. Each fingerprint has several unique, measurable feature points, each of which has approximately 5--7 characteristics, and our 10 fingers produce a minimum of 4,900 independently measurable features, which is sufficient to show that fingerprint recognition is a more reliable way to identify.