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13.56Mhz Chip RFID Card

ISO14443A 13.56Mhz Chip RFID Card standard with FM1108 Chip, other rfid smart card chips can optional.


13.56Mhz Chip RFID Card

HSY adopts high quality PVC material and Full automated equipment to produce you Clean and smooth PVC Cards.You can customize your card with your designed logo or white blank card. Also, the card can be personalized with membership consecutive number,UID code,barcode,QR code,photo etc.

Plastic cards and RFID cards are particularly suitable for applications with crowd. Such as :

Canteen system,Patrol System,Attendance System,Access Control System,Membership Management System,Parking system,Highway,Identification System,Corporate integration System.

RFID card application-HSY



13.56Mhz Chip RFID Card Chip Optional:

Chip Available:

13.56Mhz Chip RFID Card

S50 1K, Fudan F08

1K byte


S70 4K, Compatible S70

4K byte

Ntag213, Ntag216

Ultraligh, Ultralight  C



2K/4K byte

Icode SLI2

1024 bit

ISO 15693/ISO 18000

Icode SLI-S

2048 bit

ISO 15693/ISO 18000, EPC

13.56Mhz Chip RFID Card Package details:

1. 0.8mm thin cards: 200pcs per box,2000pcs per carton.

2. 1.8mm clamshell card: 100pcs per box,2000pcs per carton.


RFID card productions machine:



RFID card supplier-hsy company


Packages are amply sized and your items are well-protected. Packages are generally dispatched within 7 days after receipt of payment.

air Express Courier: It is the fastest way to let you get the goods as soon as possible. Generally, delivery time will take 3-5 working days depending on using which courier. If your order were urgent and small, this way would be better.

shipping method

air Air Transportation: It is a good choice if the weight of the packages is over 300kgs and order is not too urgent. It takes extra 3-4 days waiting for spaces on plane compared to express courier. Normally 5 days after plane take off you can get the goods in your nearest airport.P.S. buyer handle the transportation from airport to your own location.

sea Sea Transportation: This will allow you to lower the transportation costs significantly. When you leave room for an additional 25-30 days we can also arrange see freight shipping.




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